Creations For A Cause ...

I'm a mom that started making little blankies as a hobby after my little one loved his so much. I've decided to take it a step further and make these unique gifts for others to enjoy as well.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a Cleft Charity. Please follow my other site to learn more and see why these charities are dear to my heart.

Please email me with any questions or order requests to

I can ship items, if needed, at an additional cost and will also try to accomodate special requests.

Amy Burditt

Please note...I can no longer sell any blankets with ribbon loops as seen below. All future orders must be modified to avoid patent infringement.

Set of Burp Cloths

Set of Burp Cloths
Brown with blue/brown dot

Midnight blue polka dot

Custom Blessng Ring

Special request blankie and burp cloth set to go with above blessing ring

Special request

Blue camo

Special request Charlie Brown

Pink Camo Custom order
Ohio State

Blue/Brown Dot
Ohio State combo
Pink/Brown Disco Dot
Blue/Brown Montage
Michigan Combo

Black and White Polka Dot with Pink Ribbon
Set for twins
Dessert Camo
Burp cloth set
Green/Brown Dot

Blankie with 2 coordinating burp cloths

Green/Brown Argyle
Custom/Special request

Blue Camo

Little Blankie and Burp Cloth Combo
to go with Blessing Ring below

Blessing Ring

Brown Camo blankie with burp cloth

Pink and white dynasty blankie with burp cloth

Blankie with silky minky material
Pink and Brown Disco Dot
Green and Navy Dot

Sage and Brown Satin and Minky with Owl Ribbon

Pink and Brown Disco Dot

Set of Burp Cloths
Special request

Blue/Brown Montage
Blessing Ring Burp cloth/Blankie combo

Satin/Minky Pint Retro Dot
Custom order

Pink Retro Dot Blue Retro Dot with Blue Personalized Burp ClothsDessert Camoflauge Special request girl blanketSpecial request boy blanket

Blankie/Burp Cloth Combo
Navy/Green Dot Montage


Blue Retro Dot

Lavendar Zebra

Pink Paisley